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Guide to Christmas and New Year Event Catering

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Christmas Catering Services

You’ve Worked Hard This Year! Call in Chef Abod Catering – The Deluxe Caterer of HRM

If flipping the calendar from November to December leaves you feeling stressed out, we can help with at least one item on your list: Christmas catering! Chef Abod and his team have been serving HRM’s catering needs for many years; each year we bring fresh, delicious Christmas meals to family gatherings, corporate holiday parties, cocktail parties, and many other events. And each year, our customers rave about how stress-free and tasty their experience was! From the salad and hors d’oeuvres to the main entrée, beverages, and desserts, we can make your Christmas bright—and above all, tasty!

Chef Abod Catering Saves You Time and Money

Every year around this time, people are frazzled with the holiday rush. They are even more frazzled by all of the money they are spending—and quite possibly, wasting. Did you know that one of the biggest “wastes” of the holiday season is a miscalculation on how much food to buy and prepare, and then what to do with all of the leftovers? Studies have shown that the average Canadian family of four tosses out about $2,275 worth of food each year, and from our experience, a sizable portion of that is holiday leftovers. This is where Chef Abod Catering can help you.

We are experts at calculating how much food is needed for every event, whether it is a corporate holiday bash or a big family Christmas party. Not only will you not have to spend hours in the kitchen, or running back and forth from the grocery store because you forgot some ingredient or other—you can actually save a lot of time, money, and waste, by enlisting Chef Abod Catering to provide a cost-effective, stunning Christmas party meal where every morsel you pay for will be eaten by you and your guests! Best of all, you’ll have more time to spend with your family and friends!

Chef Abod Catering Makes Fresh, Delicious and Customizable Meals with Ease

In addition to saving you precious time and money this holiday season, Chef Abod Catering delivers where it counts: your taste buds! Our expert team knows that the holidays are a special time that evokes special memories and special family recipes. So in addition to our luscious and traditional menu choices like oven-roasted turkey with sage or rosemary, or Grandma’s old-fashioned bread stuffing, we are excited to work with our guests on customizing their Christmas catering experience. Every family is different. For some, seafood is the holiday tradition of choice. Some families have special recipes that absolutely make the holiday, and we are here to make sure those special memories are on your table. For others, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, low-sodium, low-sugar, etc. are necessary—and our chefs are experts at creating stunning dishes bursting with delicious flavor, even when they are devoid of food allergens and sensitivities! No matter what your family’s traditions or dietary needs, we can create dishes that leave each of your guests with tummies full of holiday cheer and memories of extravagant taste.

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