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Tired of seeing the same food choices offered at every wedding and corporate event? Then why not spice things up a bit? Imagine your event being catered by one of Halifax’s top chefs! Chef Abod came to Canada in 2003 after working as a personal chef for a Saudi Prince and has won several culinary awards for his work.   

Chef Abod will work with you to create a spectacular menu of intensely flavourful, succulent foods, from appetizers to desserts. Your guests will experience an assortment of traditional Middle Eastern and Canadian dishes and have their allergy and dietary needs accommodated. And as always, Chef Abod chooses locally-sourced, fresh, healthy ingredients to expertly prepare your feast!

All-Occasion Catering 

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Last-minute orders are always accepted, contact chef abod directly at 902-448-4473
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hot lunches

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