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10 Easy Summer Kitchen Hacks!

It’s summer, and the last thing you want to do is stand in front of a hot stove! Here are 10 summer hacks that can make things easier (and cooler!) for you in the kitchen this summer.

1. Make strawberries last longer

Strawberries are in season and you can keep them fresh longer with apple cider vinegar to keep away mold and extend their shelf life!

2. Cool drinks faster

Have a room temperature drink that you want to speed up the cooling process? Wet a towel and wrap the drink with it before placing it in the freezer. The towel will cool before the drink,

3. Grill seasonal fruits

Grilling fruit brings out a depth of flavours that you wouldn’t experience when eating them fresh. Fire up the grill and keep the heat outside by throwing some of your favorite fruits on the grill and adding them to your burgers and desserts.

4. DIY Popsicles

Tired of giving your children sugary artificial popsicles? You can make your own healthy popsicles by getting a reusable popsicle tray and filling it with your favorite yogurt, smoothie or 100% fruit juice.

5. Keeping a non-stick grill

Onion is not only a great topping for a sandwich and a burger, but it’s also a great way to degrease your grill. By rubbing a slice of an onion on your grill, it’ll clean your grill while making it a non-stick surface.

Side-Note: We offer pre-made frozen kebabs for you to put on your newly cleaned grill! Always have some of Chef Abod’s savory kebabs in your freezer to pop out when the weather's grill worthy.

6. Coffee Cubes

Who doesn’t love a great iced coffee on a hot summer day? You can prevent your iced coffee from getting watery by filling up your ice tray with your favorite coffee. This will result in the best iced coffee, where all you have to do is add milk!

7. Microwaved citrus

Lemons and limes are critical ingredients for many summer recipes, which is why you should get every last drop out of them! Microwave the lemon or lime for 10-20 seconds to make them easier to squeeze so you can get as much juice as possible.

8. Grab & Go Salads

Salads are a quick nutritious meal to have in the middle of a hot summer day. You can prepare a few salads in mason jars for when you’re in a rush during the day and need to grab something and go.

9. Multi-use Muffin cups

Muffin cups have multiple uses in the summer time that don’t include baking! You can use a paper muffin cup with popsicles to prevent it from dripping down your hands or on your clothes. They can also be used as a cover on your cups while outside to prevent any pests from flying into your drink.

10. Cupcake Pan Condiments

Hosting a backyard barbeque? You can use a cupcake pan to keep all of your condiments in one place without putting out too much at one time.

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