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$11.99 each

Looking for something lighter or the perfect snack for your meetings? Our snack boxes are made just for you! 

Customize your snack boxes by choosing 4 of the options below. 

* Minimum order of 20 boxes. If ordering less than 20, each box is $2 extra.*

Image by Anton

Our falafel is an irresistible mix of chickpeas, onion, and parsley.
Gluten free and

Hummus Plate

Small Hummus dip 
A delicious middle eastern blend of chick peas, tahina, fresh garlic, lemon, and olive oil

Gluten free and vegan


Mini cheesecake



A crispy shell of cracked wheat stuffed with ground meat, onion, nuts, and spices.


Small Baba ghanoush dip
A middle eastern favourite dip of puréed smoked eggplant combined with olive oil, mixed veggies and pomegranate sauce

Gluten free and vegan

Granola Bars

Granola Bar

Gluten free 



Pastry pies stuffed with meat, cheese, or spinach, and baked in the oven.


Baklava (desssert)
Rich, sweet pastries made of phyllo pastry layers and filled with nuts, such as pistachio, walnuts, and almonds. Our traditional baklava is loved by all! Vegan


Grape Leaves
Exotic vine leaves stuffed with aromatic rice and parsley.

Gluten free and vegan



almond coconut square 

Dont miss it .red lentil kofta (vegetarian. Vagen. Dairy free ) Amazing taste .jpg

red lentil kofta
A delicious combination of red lentils with cracked wheat, green onions, tomato paste, and spinach


Small roasted red pepper dip

Gluten free and vegan

À la Carte Breakfast Sides & Add-ons

Additional Choices:

Additional Choices:  per person 

Choice of side and condiments 

MIIN SKEWER ( Chicken, Lamb, Beef, Tofu) $3.75 ( each skewer) 


Salad (Choose between Garden, Fatouch,
Caesar & Greek salad, rice)------$3.99

Soup varieties include over 25 kinds, such as lentils, carrots, and chicken, asked the chef.  $ 4.99

Rice varieties ( plain ,kabsa, mandi  )  $ 3.99

Gourmet muffins         -----------  $3.00

fruit tray                     -----------     $3.99

fruit cups                   -----------     $3.99

veg tray                       ----------     $3.99

flavored yogurt        -    ------------$1.99

baklava    1 piece       ---------------$2.75

Juice, soft drink        -------------   $2.50

Coffee                           ------------ $2.50

Tea                                   -----------$2.50

All sides are chosen daily based on freshness and availability by our chef.

Please inquire about substitutions.


Buffet (casual style).Appropriate eating and serving utensils,          per person  $1.50

Choose 4 of the following options:

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