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How to host a holiday party (during COVID)!

It is December and many of us would have never thought we were going to spend the entire year inside. This year has been a roller coaster ride filled with Zoom calls, masks and shut downs. We made something out of nothing and still managed to enjoy time spent with loved ones (no matter the distance). Don’t let COVID steal your holiday cheer this year! Here’s three ways you can be sure to host the best (at-home) holiday party- no masks required:


What is one of the main reasons that you attend any holiday party? The food of course! You can still enjoy the food you were looking forward to all year, and treat those around you too. Maybe you want to plan a work holiday party, but there are gathering limitations. Don’t want to single anyone out of your festivities? Our individual lunch and dinner boxes are a great way to be sure that everyone is included in the celebrations (in the comfort of their own homes). You can order take-out and have it delivered right to their doors.


We’re pretty sure that the first thing that comes to mind when you think of an at-home holiday party involves staring at a screen and hoping you don’t have to be forced to talk or turn on your camera. This is not your average Zoom call! You can plan photo scavenger hunts, jeopardy style holiday trivia, a virtual talent show and even holiday karaoke. This holiday season will be spent better together in the company of others, instead of with that show you’ve watched a thousand times.


It’s always better to give than to receive, you don’t have to let COVID put an end to your gift giving plans. It’s never been easier to gift, as many stores now have websites with options for contactless delivery. Show your appreciation for your loved ones or coworkers by sending little swag bags or DIY baking kits (keeping their hands busy, and mouths full!). You can also switch it up by doing a virtual secret Santa, because who doesn't love receiving packages in the mail!

We hope that you can enjoy your holiday season this year with the suggestions we provided! Be the master event coordinator of your work, home or friend group for the holidays. Don’t want to take it on? Share this blog post with someone you think might like to try out a few of these ideas.

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